WebTech Services:

PathFinder offers full service across the spectrum of web technology. From design to deployment, our methods are advanced, innovative and well-informed by best practice techniques. Our work conforms to WC3 standards, ensuring the highest interoperability between current and future web technologies. We specialize in:

Web Site Design & Creation

PathFinder’s core expertise is creating web sites, and our Business-First approach applies equally well to simple and advanced projects. Our consultants speak your language, as well as that of our specialists in the complete range of web disciplines.

eBusiness Development

Operate your business online with PathFinder Technologiesโ€”b2c, b2b, or anything in between. Our solid transactional systems let you focus on your customers instead of your infrastructure. Increase conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and profits. Access a global market, close the sale, and maximize loyalty for solid revenues.

Web Site Hosting & Maintenance

Our 100% uptime SLA hosting network partner offers far more than just a server farm. Together we offer the know-how to help meet your business objectives more efficiently and effectively. Once a web site is live, it requires updatesโ€”fresh content, new features, functional changes, and more. PathFinder Maintenance plans reduce your cost of owning and operating a successful site by eliminating your need to hire full- or part-time IT staff.

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  1. wonker says:

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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