Simpler Cheap Gadgets

March 20, 2009

Why is the success of smaller, cheaper, easier-to-use devices upon us?

Simple: we are generally all short of time, money and patience!

Witness the success of the Netbook Computer which is now outselling laptops worldwide. The Netbook grew out of the desire to provide inexpensive computers to poor nations. the original goal was to hit a $100 price point. Flash forward and with the advent of the Intel Atom Processor, these little 6 x 10 inch computers travel light and let you do most executive and Internet tasks with ease and cost only $300 to $400. I love my HP mini because it comes with an almost full size keyboard and great screen.

Also, I recently needed to replace my broken older generation Video Cam for family videos, etc. In this economy, why spend $600 to $1000 for any device? The pictured Flip Video is incredibly cool and simple. It records 60 minutes onto its built in Flash memory, then flips out a USB plug to go right into your PC forupload to your favorite sharing sites all for $125. I love it! Simple – Cheap – Easy.

New, Cool, and Useful Sites

March 20, 2009

Cutting Costs the Internet Way

Skype – the Video Phone finally arrives. I saw the original at the 1965 Worlds Fair GE Pavilion. Only took 40 years to get here. We now speak with our employees, customers, family and friends free and quality exceeds my landline!

AskSunday – get a real(human being) personal assistant for $40 per month. Delegate all those little tasks!

Speed Up Your PC/Laptop – why do our machines get slower and slower? Because Windows and other programs generate tons of unnecessary files – “Digital Plaque.” CCleaner automatically get rid of all that junk and hence speeds up your computer.

Just Amazing:
Siftables – the new face of computing.

Got an Idea?:
Ponoko – have somebody make it for you!

Keep It Short: – shorten and track URLs(Internet Addresses) when you include them in your Emails and other communications.

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