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Consulting Services:

PathFinder’s expertise reaches well beyond its work in advanced website design and online marketing. Since 1995, we’ve helped clients achieve their goals by providing them with great advice and smart strategies, offering both focus and perspective to clients across a range of markets and industries:

  • Consumer Products/Retail
  • B2B Applications
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech
  • Professional Services
  • Medical Professional
  • Training & Education

PathFinder Consulting Services

Our consultants are available for both short and long-term work. We help business owners come to terms with both challenges and solutions, collaborating on services including:

  • eRetail “Turbocharge” Methods
  • Customer Expectation Measurement
  • eBusiness Financial Analysis
  • Maximizing Customer Satisfaction
  • Calculate Return on IT investment
  • Applicability of Innovations
  • Industry-Specific Strategies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Process Review & Improvement
  • eBusiness Emergence
  • Online Marketing
  • Virtual CIO/CTO
  • And more…

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