The Future In Progress: 3D and Multi-Touch Combined

A new tabletop touchscreen on display at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics and animation conference shows off the ability to manipulate a 3d display with touch, while the display adjusts depending on the users point-of-view.

As of late, interest in both 3d and multi-touch display technologies has been steadily increasing, but it wasn’t until now that anyone has found a way to combine the two. Now Jean-Baptiste de la Riviรจre and colleagues fromย Immersion, a visual simulation company based in Bordeaux, France, have at last managed to combine the two technologies into an interactive 3D table-top display.

It seems counterintuitive to have a “touchable” 3d image, as anyone who’s reached out to touch the 3d movie in a movie theater would agree. To keep from breaking the 3d illusion, the table uses infrared sensors to detect a hand moving in, and adjusts the images so they seem to be floating within the table.

This technology is a far cry from the interactive holographs many might hope it to be, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. Through the use of technologies like these, we might finally be able to break out of the constraint of screen-size and make touch-screen phones and computers whose only screen is projected by the device.

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