Twitter Name Goldrush Is On!

Below is a Letter I sent to all my clients, I thought you might find the information useful, if not important. . . . .

Dear Friend and Client,

From time-to-time, I like to alert our clients and friends of Internet related issues and opprtunites that require immediate action.

Reserve Your Company Name on Twitter Today for free . . .
. . . or Somebody Else Will!

Just as Domain Names have become extremely valuable, Twitter Names are being swept up. Perhaps your most valuable NAME is your company, brand or personal name. I would recommend that you go to Twitter today and Join! If you wait, somebody else may take your Name(s).

But wait! It’s going to ask you for a Username and this is very important. If it’s a business with a strictly business intent, reserve your business name, e.g. ABCWidgets. Names on Twitter will become almost as important as your domain name – so you should reserve it in any case. Note: Twitter will only allow you to use one unique Email address per account, so if you need or want multiple accounts, you will need multiple Email addresses. If you need help with this, contact us.

In addition, I recommend reserving your personal name as it is less commercial and this is very much a ’soft sell’ medium. You may also want to separate your personal use from your business use. So my Twitter Name is ‘charlielevin.’ If I did it again, it would be “CharlieLevin” with caps just to make it easier to read. You can look me up at Click the ‘Follow’ button below my picture so I can send more info on how to take advantage of this new medium.

Thank you for your business and your friendship. Together, let’s make this a very successful 2009!

All the Best,

Charles Levin | President | Office (908) 713-1700 X 27
“Business, Internet and IT Solutions” | Web:
Skype: charlie.levin|Twitter:

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